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Golf Season
- The regular golf season will be recognized as: 2024 opening day for the course through 2024 closing day for the course.
- Season passes will be honored only during the current calendar year regular golf season.

Card Transaction Fees
- Any person who chooses to pay with a card of any sort will have a surcharge of 3% automatically applied to the final sale of the transaction.
- Cash and Checks are accepted.

Season Pass Holders
- There are always equal playing privileges for all season pass holders, with time privileges honored depending on the golf pass
- All time restrictions are listed above.
- All pass holders are required to have a current credit card on file.

Tee Times
- Tee times may be made 7 days in advance, with pass holders having the ability to book 14 days in advance.
- Any times made further in advance than listed above will be at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional.

Golfers Must Register in Pro Shop
- All golfers must check in within the Pro Shop before beginning play.
- Failure to check in could result in loss of privileges.

Golf Shop Information
- Season pass holders receive a 10% discount in the Pro Shop.
- All pass holders are required to have a current credit card on file.
- There are no further discounts on sale items—ie, pass holders do not get their 10% discount on already discounted items.
- Charging of items is not allowed.
- All league and tournament gift certificates expire on September 30th of the calendar year.
- There are no refunds or exchanges on clearance items without a receipt.

Special Order Items
- Special Order requests will be honored if merchandise is available from the specific vendor.
- All Special Orders will be charged at full retail price with no discounts offered. All prices will include tax and shipping.
- Special Order requests before August 31st require full payment with a credit card. Pass holders may not special order an item
and wait until the end of the season to pay for it.
- Special Order requests can be made by September 15th and shop credit can be used to pay for special order items.

Youth Players - Children under the age of 18 shall be classified as "Junior Golfers" and are subject to the following rules:
- 12 through 17 years - must have supervision on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
- 8 through 11 years - must have adult supervision on the course and may not play before noon on Saturday, Sunday, and holi-
- Exceptions must have Pro Shop approval.
- Junior Golfer passes are available to purchase and do not have to be part of an adult pass purchase.

Guests of Pass Holders
- Greens fees and Cart fees must be paid for all guests - if a guest is found to have not paid, the card on file for the member will
be charged accordingly.
- Guests riding in a cart owned by Lakeside are required to pay a Cart fee.
- Discounted rates are available for groups of 12 or more players with a minimum of 8 paying guests.
- Discounted rates will be given to individuals on league days only who are signed up and have paid league dues.

Groups of Play / Pace of Play
- All groups will be expected to play in a 2 hour per-nine hole pace.
- During prime golf season, all 2-somes and 3-somes should be expected to be paired up with another player(s). Small groups cannot choose to play by themselves.

Penalties for going over the 2 hour per-nine limit are as follows:
- 1st offense - Group receives a warning from a member of the Lakeside staff.
- 2nd offense - Group will be asked to pick up their golf balls and proceed to the correct position behind the group in front of them.
- 3rd offense - Group will be asked to relocate somewhere on the course or be issued guest passes to come back at a more conducive time.

- Pace of Play is an expectation and a courtesy to other golfers. Play without undue delay.
- Allow faster players to play through if the hole ahead of you is open.
- Please note: No group ever goes out to play golf with the sole intent to "play slow".
- Please note: If you cannot see the group directly in front of you, your pace is more than likely behind.

Privately Owned Golf Carts
- Privately owned carts can be stored at the course for a fee and if space is available.
- All power carts stored at Lakeside from October 31st through the winter months will be assessed a $200.00 winter storage fee. To avoid being charged a winter storage fee, personal carts can be taken off property for the winter. Space in the cart shed will be saved for the following year.
- Guests riding in a private cart do not have to pay a riding fee.
- Guests are not allowed to use a private cart without the member to avoid paying a riding fee.

Lakeside Owned Golf Carts
Renting a cart owned by Lakeside:
- The Lessee of a golf cart must have a valid driver's license.
- The Lessee of a golf cart is responsible for any damage to the cart and/or course. Damage to a cart and/or course will be reported to the authorities if the Lessee refuses to comply with paying for damages.
- No more than two (2) riders permitted on a golf cart, except children under 12.
- Golf carts should be returned to the wash pad area to be cleaned. The key should be left in the ignition for the pro shop staff to use when they clean the cart.

Operators of golf carts must have a valid driver's license
- All golf carts must be kept on cart paths where provided and must be kept at least 30 feet away from greens and tee boxes.
- Every effort should be made to enter cart paths where they begin at greens.
- All golf carts must remain on cart paths on Par 3's when available. If a path is not available, carts should never be on the opposite side of the green where the cart path to the next hole begins.
- Keep all carts out of unmown areas and native grass areas.

Failure to comply with the above will result in the following:
- 1st offense - Driver receives a warning from a member of Lakeside staff.
- 2nd offense - 7-day suspension of cart privileges
- 3rd offense - 30-day suspension of cart privileges

Handicap Flags
- Handicap flags to be placed on golf carts will be administered at the discretion of the pro shop
- Handicap flags (blue) allow the cart to be driven within 10 feet of greens, tee boxes, and off cart paths when available. Carts should remain on cart paths only when on Par 3s where cart paths are available from Tee to Green.
- Keep all carts out of unmown and native grass areas.

Push Carts
- Push carts and golf bags are to be kept a minimum of 10 feet from Greens. Avoid areas between sand traps and greens.
- Keep all carts out of unmown and native grass areas.

Proper Golf Attire
- Proper attire is always required on the golf course and practice facilities.
- Shoes and shirt must be worn at all times.
- Any individual wearing clothing with inappropriate wording or graphics will be asked to change their attire or leave the property.

Golf Equipment
- Each player is required to have their own set of golf clubs. Two or more players are not permitted to play from the same bag.
- Each player is required to wear appropriate golf footwear. Steel spikes are not permitted anywhere around the facility.

Practice Areas
- Driving range hours will be the same as the pro shop hours.
- Driving range will close at 6:00pm on Wednesday nights to allow staff to pick up golf balls for mowing the following morning.
- It is the responsibility of range pass holders to not share balls with other patrons. Privileges may be revoked if necessary.
- Platinum pass holders may be limited to 1 token per visit during busy times. The pro shop will use discretion to allow more
than 1 token.
- Extra tokens will not be handed out for pass holders to keep in their bag, cart, or vehicle.

Stopping between Nines
- When stopping between nines, players will lose their turn the next nine and must check in with the golf shop to be restarted.

Beverage Policies
- Tabs cannot be started on the beverage carts. Credit Card sales must be completed at the time of the transaction.
- Alcoholic beverages not purchased at the course are not allowed per law. Beverages not purchased at Lakeside will be confis-
cated and kept in the pro shop until the end of the round. Individuals refusing to comply will be asked to leave the property.
- Privately owned coolers are not allowed on the course. The restaurant has coolers that are available to use with a deposit.
- Being courteous and respectful to beverage cart staff is expected. If a player or group is to be found of inappropriate behavior
or language will be asked to leave property without a refund. Further action may be taken.

Golf Course Etiquette
- Cell phones should be used with discretion and not be a distraction to other players or cause undue delay to play. Ringtones
should be turned off.
- Playing music is allowed if the volume is not at a level that disturbs other players. Music with inappropriate language will re-
sult in the pro shop asking the group turn off all music. Guests that do not comply will be asked to leave the property.
- It is the responsibility of each group to maintain pace of play guidelines.
- Concerns from groups on the course about other grounds should be directed to the pro shop.
- Groups should immediately return carts to the wash pad for cleaning and use for groups about to tee off.

- All complaints against employees or the operating policies of Lakeside must be made to the management staff. No customer
will reprimand any employee of Lakeside.
- The golf course has the right to ask any customer to not return to the golf course for an amount of time that the management
feels is necessary.